Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I recently had my breasts done and even though I am very happy with the results, I don't want them to always be so "in your face". I am a real estate agent so my outfits sometimes need to take me from day to night; business meetings to construction sites. Would you be able to help me find versatile pieces that I could wear that didn't necessarily accentuate my breasts? I have great legs too, ;)


Real Estate Barbie


Dear R.E.B.,

Depending on the size of your implants you may only need to wear a minimizing bra to create the illusion of a smaller bust.

To downplay your chest size using clothing, its best to stay away from high-waisted skirts, turtlenecks and form-fitting light colored tops. Try using
large earrings, hair up do's, patterned blouses, layered tops and last but not least, heels to accentuate your "great legs".

For happy hours and social settings there is a way to play up your sex appeal without appearing overtly sexual. If you decide to go for a cleavage-baring dress, for example, I would avoid it being tight, short or the uncomfortable median of the two. Empire waist dresses and v-neck sweaters are just two examples of ways that you can showcase your body - and bust - without being vulgar. Adding layers to these classic looks, such as a cardigan or camisole, will work well if you are looking to tone it down for day.

Once you have
shirts and dresses in your wardrobe that can accommodate your new chest then use your judgement to determine if what you're looking to wear that day needs a layer, an accessory to distract the eyes...or to be reconsidered all together. You don't want the misfortune of wearing something you second guessed and end up looking like a big boob; which ironically has nothing to do with the size of your chest.

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