Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I just landed my first corporate job, which means I have to wear a suit every day. I should be good on the suiting, but what shoes should I wear? In the past I've always worn a square-toed shoe for my dressier looks but I'm not sure if they're appropriate for this setting. Do you have any suggestions on what shoes I should wear instead?


Corporate Square Toes


Don't worry C.S.T.,

I'm going to help you get back on your feet - and in the best shoes for the job. You're going to want to invest in a pair, or two, of oxfords. The oxford shoe is vastly viewed as one of the more traditional and yet, stately-looking shoes a man can wear for business and still be taken seriously.

You'll want to invest in two pairs to start: one black and one in cordovan. Wear the black pair with your black and gray suits and the cordovan's with your navy, earth tone and again, gray suits, depending on your belt. (In case you've been misinformed: in the corporate world, matching your shoes to your belt is the only, if not safest, route to take. You can take it one step further and coordinate your briefcase, but it's not necessary.)

The added advantage of investing in a good oxford is that as you build your collection to include less traditional styles and colors (teal oxfords, anyone?) they can be worn with a suit during the week and jeans on the weekends for the dressier end of casual. (Be wild and wear a pair one weekend sock-less with shorts and a casual button-down, un-tucked with rolled-up sleeves when the heat index forces hemlines to your knees.)

Just remember you get what you pay for, so invest well and wisely into brands that, in-turn, invest the time and quality materials it takes to produce a well-soled shoe. It won't take long before
you realize that you've taken a step in the right direction by opting to wear oxfords. They're just
the perfect finishing touch to a professional head-to-polished-toe box look.

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