Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I am a 47-year 'young' happily married woman that's devoted most of my life to being a supportive wife and raising my two now teenage children. My issue is that somewhere over the years I've just lost touch with my sense of style. I live a very fulfilling life but I don't feel I look as current as I could.

What advice can you give me to update my style while still dressing/looking age-appropriate?


Mom Overdue (for a) Makeover


Oh M.O.M.,

Without knowing anything about your build, I believe a good model to style yourself after would be U.S. first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama. She's in your age range, is also a devoted wife and mother of two and through her husband's presidential race and subsequent victory, managed to stay stylish and current...and I'm going to tell you how.

The key to achieving Michelle's look is all in the shift dress. You can easily pair one with an infinite number of jackets, cardigans or accessories. An A-line skirt would work in place of a dress. Try pairing it with a waist-cinching belt and either a sleeveless top and cardigan for a more casual look or a blouse and jacket to appear more professional and pulled-together. Complete the look with kitten heels or flats to accomplish a sophisticated and yet, subtly comfortable style.

Michelle also adds variety to her casual looks by pairing her tops with cropped khakis or wide-legged pants. A pair of dark denim jeans would be a great alternative to introduce into your wardrobe as well. These can be dressed up or down and are season-less.

One of my last suggestions - and possibly the most drastic - would be a mini makeover. Changing one's hair color, length or both will definitely help you update your look and illicit the reaction it sounds like you're going after. But why stop there? Look into having a make-up consultation to change up your current color palate. Also, be sure you find time to keep up with a regular workout routine and to get involved in activities that two toddler's wouldn't allow time for before. Now is the perfect time to introduce to the world M.O.M. 2.o, or more poignantly, as Michelle's husband, President Barack Obama once quoted Mahatma Gandhi in saying: "be the change you want to see".

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