Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I have several pairs of large earrings that I love to wear but I'm afraid that if I keep wearing them I'm going to split my earlobes. Is there a way to stop this short of not wearing earrings? I have yet to find any clip-ons that I like and quite frankly I would use them as a last resort. So what are my options here? Should I downgrade to studs for a while?


Earlobe Dangler


Dear E.D.,

You are right to be proactive on this issue. The last thing you want is a split or torn earlobe. If a split should occur, you could be looking at a costly surgery bill (and good luck with trying to get your insurance to cover what they would deem an "elective procedure").

There are a number of earring support products that can take the pressure off your lobe. (In a pinch, you could cut and adhere a band-aid's adhesive strip to the backsides of your ears for the same effect.) However, temporarily downsizing isn't such a bad idea. Look for earrings made out of acrylic or another lightweight plastic-alternative to earrings made of metal or incorporate large, heavy stones. This way you can still wear large earrings, but for a fraction of the cost and weight of your typical earrings. You also won't have to worry about an alloy like nickel causing an allergy to metal.

With the aid of the earring reinforcements and a lighter earring, you should start to notice your lobe begin to heal on its own. Avoid wearing heavier earrings until your ears have fully healed and even then, only with earring reinforcements. Remember that the body is a temple that requires upkeep, especially when we put holes in it. Just be mindful of your earring choices and you will have years and years of earring wear ahead of you - just don't ignore listening to your ears when they're asking for a little support.

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