Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

Whenever I go out with friends I always dress in black. I just think it makes for a great silhouette, makes it really easy to get ready and I worry less about someone spilling something on my outfit or stepping on my shoes. My friend's say I should incorporate some color and I'm starting to wonder if they're right. What do you think?


Black on Black


Dear B.O.B.,

Your head is in the right place. You most certainly want to wear things out on the town that can take a licking, especially if you patron crowded bars, dance clubs or just have one too many cocktails. And there's nothing wrong with wearing black for evening affairs every now and again, but your friends are right: if you don't mix it up you run the risk of being mistaken for a trendy ninja.

First, we have to get you to look at buying color. The next time you go shopping, find exactly what you want in black...and then try it on in a different shade. If they don't have your size in the color that best suits you, choose another color that could work just as well on you. Under no circumstances are you to buy said item in black. This "clothing corporal punishment" is retraining your eye not to immediately go to the black option. You could even come to appreciate the detailing of the item that much more, now that its more visible and pronounced. (Word of advice: You may want a friend to tag along so you actually try on - and purchase - said items in a shade not favored by the grim reaper.)

Next, you want to ensure that your new color rich items have the same "party-proof" faculties as your "black out" wardrobe. Look for footwear made of leather and canvas to have a multitude of cleaning options should something happen and require a little TLC. As for clothing, the best route to take would be either 100% cotton materials or a machine washable blend. You may want to abstain from anything that requires dry cleaning or would be hard to treat for stains like silk, suede or wool.

Accessories are another route to take in your bid against the black. There's not enough space on the internet to outline all of the color options and combinations that you could create just by donning accessories.

The next time you go out you should be all set to embrace a little color. You can still wear your black pieces, just be sure to leave room for a little color variation. Dressing in all black every time you go out sounds so depressing. If nothing else learn to not always appear so serious when you're going out to have a good time. Spin the color wheel and take a few risks; throw caution to the wind. In other words, lighten up.

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