Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

What is the best knot to use for a professional but stylish look? Also, my friend and I have been debating tie etiquette for years. What is the proper thing to do with the back end / tail of the tie? My friend is a tucker; I say that it is proper to “let it hang”. What is the proper tie etiquette?


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OK, I.K.,

If you're looking for a stylish but professional knot for your ties then I would suggest either "the four-in-hand" or "the half-windsor". Both are equally as popular with the work and weekend crowd, so it truly comes down to your preference as to which would suit your look best.

In fact, in my on-and-off research over the years, there haven't been that many advances in the world of necktie knots; shocking I know. There are a handful of additional tie knots that are used less frequently so I personally wouldn't recommend them; and I highly doubt you'd ever be in a situation where you had to tie one of them on.

And here again, with the tucking of the back-tie. To my knowledge, there are no sartorial sites, guides or reference books to what the proper etiquette would be on this. Personally I use the brand tag sewn into the back and "tuck" my back-tie. If there happened to not be a tag, I'd use a tie clip. I believe it being untucked makes the tie look a little more casual, which may suit you. Again, this is all about personal preference. In fact, as a show of tie-manship, the next time I wear a tie casually I'll consider wearing it untucked. And I challenge you to try my "tucked" approach and see if you like it.

So you see, I.K., there's really no right or wrong in this situation. Only right over left, then left over right... ;@)

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