Monday, May 2, 2011

Runaway Runway 2011

Last Friday, The Columbia Design League put on its annual fashion show, Runaway Runway. The event is open to the public for submissions, provided that the designer uses materials that are used or post-consumer (i.e. on their way to a landfill). The purpose is to show new uses for materials that have "reached the end of their lifecycle".

This year it was co-sponsored by Palmetto Clean Energy, a nonprofit organization that supports the development or renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, hydro, and biomass.

"As Earth Month draws to an end and spring fashions burst into full bloom, Runaway Runway proves perennially that great design and sustainability go hand in hand," Anna Redwine, President of Columbia Design League, was quoted as saying in the program.

Autumn Taylor modeled this Lady Gaga inspired piece made out of vinyl records, telephones and glass created by Molly McNutt

Julie Taylor models her own look made from computer wire, circuit boards, keys and mouse

Elizabeth Griffen models a look created by Caroline Hatchell, made from pine straw, leaves, flowers and telephone wire

Skylar Novak (and Penelope) modeled designs by Jill Alewine made from landscaping fabric, zip ties, dryer lint and bottle tops

Karen Cho models a look by Becky Groth and Kate Williams, made out of cds, albums, LPs, 45s, cassette tapes and packaging materials

Brannon Lewis modeled this Marilyn Monroe inspired look, created by Deana Rennick made with coat hangers, plastic cups, sheets, thread and staples

Penelope McDougall (left) models her own design, made from scrubs, shower curtain and window gels. Carolyn Walden (right) models Liesel & Susan Hamilton's outfit, created from stuffed animals, curtains, grocery bags and interfacing

The winning look went to Miles Purvis who designed this "Mad Hatter" look from a concept of "Alice in Recycle Land". Modeled by Mary Kathryn Gatlin, the look was made from aluminum cans, staples and thread and won the first ever Bruce Bahr Award especially designed by local artist Christian Thee.

Here is a list of all of this year's winners:

Congratulations to Runaway Runway 2011 winner Miles Purvis!

Craftsmanship Winner – Designers Kirkland Smith and Liz Melendez

Greenability Winner – Designer Lani Stringer

Originality Winner – Designers The Real Housewives of Crystal Pines

Wearability Winner – Designers Liesel and Susan Hamilton

Top Model – Amanda Bluestein

Top Design and Audience Favorite – Designer Miles Purvis

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Photo's courtesy of Jill Alewine via Runaway Runway's Facebook page

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