Thursday, May 12, 2011

Going to the Chapel, as a guest, in Style Pt. 1

Every year around this time men and women alike get invited to one of the most important events in their friend's lives: their wedding. And with the invitations come the scramble for what to wear. Typically, the type of wedding determines that, but the range for women can extend beyond the odds of catching the bouquet. For this weeks trend report, I will break down the most common types of weddings and give you ladies an idea of what's appropriate to wear to each. (But don't fret fellas, next week its all about you!)


Most formal weddings are held in a church or holy sanctuary so your best bet is to choose something knee length and dare it be said, conservative. This is not to say that you shouldn't choose something that makes a fashion statement, but make it subtle and classy. Try to channel the likes of first ladies Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama.

Antonio Melani “Piano” Dress, Dillards


For those of our friends who embrace the idea of a "nontraditional" wedding, you still want your dress to be appropriate for the big day, even if said nuptials are being held at a museum, warehouse or even the restaurant they had their first date. One problem you may encounter is that with this type of wedding the bridesmaids dresses could have a very cocktail feel so if you have the opportunity, ask someone in the wedding party what they're wearing to have a better idea of what style would be appropriate.

Jones New York Shutter-Pleat Dress, Dillards


This type of wedding is usually set someplace tropical or held in a large outdoors area. What’s great is that unless specified, there is no specific look to cater to when getting ready. But that doesn't mean you should just throw caution to the wind when looking for a dress to wear. Look for something flirty and fun - like the nature of the wedding! - but still has that air of sophistication. After all, you want still want to look like you've shown up to a wedding.

Donna Morgan Strapless Dress, Dillards

These are just a few of the general types of weddings that you might encounter while on the wedding circuit this season. But whatever you decide to wear, always remember to resist the urge to wear white! The bride should have her day - and color - to herself!

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  1. So needed this. I will be attending a beach wedding in June, and I have picked out three options. I appreciate your tips. I'll try to give an update on my blog as to what I decide. I do know that it will involve a hat in the mix.