Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beauty Unbeautiful: If You Knew Better, You Would Do Better

It's safe to assume that we've all fallen prey to beauty fads that in hindsight may not have been as spot-on as we originally thought. I'm all about expressing individuality but I'm also a firm believer in the saying, "If you knew better, you would do better." So here is a short list of some outdated beauty trends that you - or someone you know - should leave in the past. Hopefully this will help save some poor misguided souls who obviously don't know better.

1. Unblended Lip Liner

Remember the 90's when this trend was all the rage? Well today, there is nothing worse than a nude lip with a brown or black liner covered in lip gloss, but unfortunately there are some who still perpetuate this outdated look. Here's hoping that this look never makes it back to mainstream - and even more, looses its favor with those women who still can't seem to let go of the liner.

2. Drawn On "Crazy" Eyebrows

There's nothing wrong with drawing on your eyebrows if you have to (and by "have to" I mean some sort of medical condition that forces you to do so). However, shaving off your natural eyebrows in exchange for a drawn on eyebrow is a no-no, especially when there are less permanent - and shocking! - ways of taming unruly or undesirable brows.

3. Mile-long Nails

Anyone who knows me knows that nails are a really big deal to me. However, nails that seem to go on and on are a problem - literally. Whenever I see women with these gnarly nails I often wonder how they are able to function in this technological world. How do you text? How do you type? And how do you not put your eye out - or someone else's? The good news is the obituary on this trend was read and for the sake of women everywhere, I hope that it never rises from the dead.

4. Super-charged Pastel Eye Shadow

This trend can be tricky because if applied properly it could work. However, making it work takes some serious skill - I would venture to say that you would have to be Pat McGrath or her equivalent to find a way to perfect it. What makes this trend so undesirable is that more than not, people who try it end up looking like clowns...and not the type that make you happy. In a nut shell: leave it to the professionals.

5. Permed Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw tried this on Sex and the City, but even this style maven couldn't pull it off. Besides, these unnatural curls have a way of looking a bit kooky and honestly, have an unusual smell that is permanently tied to the '80s era, where these synthesized curls belong...for better or worse.

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