Monday, May 23, 2011

A (Beautiful) Look Back: Beyoncé Through the Years

Through the years Beyoncé has evolved from a young girl with a powerful voice into a woman and icon with the complete package: talent, beauty, brains and business savvy that is unmatched. And she's not even 30.

At the 2011 Billboard Awards, she was honored with the Artist of the Millennium Award, yet another notch in her belt of success. As I watched a clip of her highly technical performance, I was amazed at her growth as a performer and icon:

As a L’OREAL spokesperson, Beyoncé has become a reference for women globally for fashion and beauty. Let’s take a look at Beyoncé through the years:


While this wasn't my favorite look, it was very influential and therefore deserves mention. She was young and still with Destiny’s Child, sporting long, crimped tresses and a fresh face. Very age-appropriate but definitely a look that she has outgrown.


Well, what can I say? Beyoncé is a risk-taker and it was certainly a risk wearing this hairstyle while promoting her first movie, Austin Powers in Goldmember, in which she played Foxxy Cleopatra, a sexy, arse-kicking, bombshell. Her look evokes the 70’s: big, wild hair and lots of shimmer.


This is when I started to truly appreciate Beyoncé’s beauty. Long, straight-as-6 o’clock hair, and soft color on her eyes, lips and cheeks allowed her natural beauty to shine through in a sweetly sleek way.


Seen here at the CFDA Fashion Awards, Beyoncé turns up the old Hollywood glamour for the new millennium. Those fuchsia lips + flirty lashes = elegant sex appeal.


After releasing and touring for B’Day, Beyoncé returned to her roots - literally, with really dark hair. The simplicity of her centered part and straight hair nicely complements her natural-looking makeup choice. Sheer beauty, without the dramatics.


Before performing her duet with Tina Turner (those legs!), Beyoncé is seen here with voluminous hair and a return to highlights. I didn't love this look (the two-toned hair has never done much for me), but she still looks stunning, which is why she is the Queen Bey.


By far my favorite time in Beyoncé’s career. What’s not to love here? Hair? Gorgeous. Face? Flawless. The approach is dramatic without going overboard and she walks the line perfectly.

Overall, I think it is fair to say that Beyoncé treads the fine line between glamorous and over-the-top beautifully. She has aged in the public eye gracefully. I look forward to continuing to follow her throughout her career, watching her innovate style and progress as a performer and as a trendsetter on the red carpet.

A few tips on trying to achieve Beyoncé’s look:

-She uses Scott Barnes Body Bling bronzer on her legs. She says, “it gives a nice light-catching shimmer.”

-Want your face to appear just smooth as Beyoncé’s? Try using a primer, like L’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, because it “helps foundation go on super smoothly.”

-Beyoncé’s secret for tired eyes? “I don’t use eye cream,” she says. Instead, she rubs on Aquaphor Healing Ointment before bed. **This is also great for moisturizing lips!**

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