Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coral: This Season’s New Orange

This summer, opt out of traditional orange and embrace the color coral. This spectacular color has shown up in many a wardrobes and on many a red carpets for years, but designers all over have taken it to another level.

What is great about it is that it looks good on every skin tone so you don’t have to worry about it washing you out or making your skin appear to have a reddish tint. It is a versatile enough color to wear so it’s showing up on just about everything from handbags to toenails.

Ladies, here are some great coral pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe:

Broken-in Skimmer pants, Gap

Tiered knit Maxi Dress, Banana Republic

Amory Floral Castaway Dress, J.Crew

Blooming Flowers Tank, Forever 21

Spring Shelter Cardigan, Anthropologie

Melie Bianco ‘Adele’ Faux Leather Clutch, Nordstrom

Ivanka Trump ‘Verena’ Thong Sandal, Nordstrom

Mango-get-em nail polish, L'Oreal

But fellas fear not. Because another fantastic facet to this color is that its not just for the ladies. It looks just as good on men as it does women. It is a splash of color for you to embrace just in time for the summer:

Linen/Cotton Shirt, Banana Republic

Chino Vintage Officer’s Short, Ralph Lauren

Men's Coral Tie, Shop Style

Coral Bow Tie, Tux Gear

And just remember: Coral gets mixed up sometimes with a light pink so to find a true coral, make sure that the item has a slight orange tint to it for it to be an actual coral color!

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