Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going to the Chapel, as a guest, in Style Pt. 2

Last week, we discussed how a women should dress for three types of weddings: formal, cocktail, and destination. And this week, as promised, we're discussing the same for the fellas. What's great about a man's styling for weddings is that no matter the location, you have a standard suit blueprint to go by, but you can play with patterns and materials so you can stand out and look every bit as fashionable as your female counterparts.


For a formal summer wedding, you can lighten up a bit - at least in color - and give a navy blue suit a try. It’s a great twist on a classic black suit and it looks equally as good. It definitely gives off the stylish vibe but is still appropriate for the setting.

Ludlow two-button suit jacket with double-vented back and pant in Italian cotton


, J. Crew


For the unconventional wedding, try a khaki suit. Whether it's being held at an event space or a restaurant, this suit will definitely catch any bridesmaid’s eye. Another advantage to owning a khaki suit is that it can be used for multiple occasions later down the road and even worn separately.

Ludlow two-button suit jacket with center vent and pant in Italian Chino, J.Crew


A destination wedding is almost always the most relaxed, so a seersucker suit will be just the touch of casual style you want to convey. The material has great breatheability for an outdoor ceremony held on the beach or in a rustic setting. And yet again, this is one of those suits that can be used as a whole or worn as separates.

Ludlow two-button suit jacket with center vent and pant in seersucker, J.Crew

With these ideas, you'll be able to attend weddings this season in style and in step with the location. And no matter the venue or suit, be sure to accentuate with an unexpected pop of color - be it your pocket square, tie, socks or even cuff links. It's the subtle things that'll add polish and pizazz to your look.

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