Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I am an average sized woman - which means I'm no where near a supermodel size 2 - and my friends and I have planned a few beach trips this summer. I'll be hitting the gym but still won't feel comfortable in a two piece bikini. Can you think of a good alternative for me? Are there any sexy one pieces out there?


Malibu Boobs and Butt Barbie


Dear M.B.A.B.B.,

If its any consolation, you aren't alone in not feeling bathing suit ready. Even people who you may think look bathing suit ready don't feel bathing suit ready. But thats besides the point. If you want to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, you have more options than you think.

For your first - and safest - choice, you would want to choose a one piece. You should choose one that accentuates your favorite feature and plays up your body type. If its your legs, wear a tunic cover-up over your bikini and remove upon comfort level and/or venturing into the water. If your favorite feature is your décolletage, you may want to wear a sarong to draw the eyes up. Accessories - sunglasses, hats, jewelry - can add to your comfort and draw attention away from anything you'd rather not draw attention to.

Now of course, if you want to take more of a risk, you can be an average-sized woman and still wear a two-piece. This week's savage styler, Gabi Gregg, is a prime example of a full-figured woman wearing a two-piece who's not afraid to flaunt it, with modesty of course. If the two-piece you choose is cut to cover and contour, you should be okay. You can still accessorize with the aforementioned and feel comfortable, even if you're less covered-up than you thought you'd have to be.

And a word of caution to all: if you're going out to purchase new bathing suits, unless you feel sure it can withstand getting wet - and what it may reveal once wet - you should take all pictures before getting in the water. In this day and age you want to make sure you're camera ready, Facebook tageable and twitpic appropriate.

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