Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Under Construction...

To the Fans and Followers of Shopping Savage

I want to personally thank you for your readership, questions and constructive criticism of the site. Taking into consideration the ever changing face of fashion and its readers, I've decided to expand the scope of Shopping Savage. Starting next week, new sections will be introduced that focus on:
  • new inventory for local and national stores that will be worth investing in
  • beauty for anyone who's as meticulous about their hair, makeup and nails as they are about their wardrobe
  • candid photos of fashion-forward pedestrians
  • designer deals found locally and nationally
  • editorial photo shoots using models on the rise
  • celebrity looks-for-less
  • breaking news from the fashion world
Of course, an undertaking of this size wouldn't be possible without help. A lot of help. So in addition to new sections, there will also be new voices contributing to the site. The newly appointed interns for Shopping Savage are four fiercely fashion-forward girls who are as dedicated as I am to bringing you nothing but the sartorial best for all budgets.

You'll know - and see - more of them throughout the site's expansion, starting off with an ode to Valentine's Day.

This Friday we will bring you 5 gift ideas for him, 5 gift ideas for her and a special section that showcases four girls with four different looks for Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day, look for a special piece dedicated to anyone who may not have a love to call their own but a love for fashion that's all their own.

Be excited SS fans, its just the beginning!

Sartorially yours,


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  1. So exciting, sounds like it's going to be awesome!