Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Future is Now

Think tough. Think chic. Think monochromatic. Think unisex. Think Rad Hourani. A true futurist, the Canadian designer designs for people—class, gender, race and all other societal distinctions are forgotten in a way that everyone is equalized through his clothing.

This season in the world of Hourani, everyone was wearing matching black tights and some form of expertly handled wool. In addition to the clothing, he collaborated with Aldo on a chunky unisex heel* that I will be on the haute hunt for, to quote June Ambrose.

If you look closely and carefully enough you will notice that the collection consists of only six pieces that are manipulated in almost every which way imaginable —twisted and contorted, flipped and flopped, mixed and switched, until he had 26 distinct looks. Genius. Absolute genius. If you’re anything like me, and dress androgynously monochromatic anyway, you could invest in the tights, shoes, and three or four of the outerwear pieces and essentially be set for the season!

View the entire collection if you're ready for the future of fashion!

Wear something black,


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* correction: the shoes posted are from the Spring 2011 collaboration of Hourani and Aldo, but they're still Rad!

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