Monday, February 14, 2011

L.O.V.E. Fashion

Far and wide, February has a reputation for romance. This may explain why designers choose to take over major cities like New York (February 10-17), London (February 18-23) and Milan (February 23-March 1) for fashion weeks. It’s seemingly impossible to not have a Valentine when runways are red hot with next season’s looks and streets are still being set ablaze with this season’s must-haves. Who says money can’t buy you love? Cupid meet your match – the single consumer.

We are always coming up with new and innovative ways to upgrade, replace or manipulate the many things that complicate our lives, so it’s not that much of a stretch that fashion could serve as a placeholder in the void that society believes a spouse should fill. Ask any fashionista: the connection you have with your wardrobe can be just as complicated as any two-party relationship.

And knowingly or not, many already embrace the idea of fashion as their month long Valentine – if not their year-long sweetheart. It doesn’t take much to see that fashion and love share analogous characteristics. Where both are concerned, no matter how many times you feel you've gotten it right, there’s always room for improvement. One day has no bearing on the next, which, depending on the situation, can leave you feeling in love or in loathing. Either can elicit moments of sorrow, compromise, forgiveness, joy, relief and even afterglows.

This further proves that to truly be stylish you have to be in love with fashion. Many flirt with the idea and even go so far as to have tawdry affairs, but those who stick with it through good outfits and bad last minute options, thick material or thin, trial and errors in judgment and countless frustrations are the people designers love to love. Those who know that to truly be dressed, one must be drawn to their wardrobe the way they are drawn to a lover. So today plan to flaunt your relationship all over town, whether its with your significant other...or your significant wardrobe.

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