Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Diamond in the Rough

Staying abreast of Fashion Week has proven to be quite a challenge as the days go by. It is almost impossible to come up with a schedule that allows me to keep my sanity what with class, work and shows that don’t start on time (oops, did that slip out?).

Going back to review shows that took place, I was afraid that I was going to have to write the thing I dread—a bad review. Just as I thought I was going to have to defy my upbringing and not only say something negative, but immortalize it in writing, I came across it: the most beautiful collection that I have seen this week thus far!

Inspired by a trip to the National Museum of the American Indian, Adam Lippes created a collection imbued with the same spirit as the indigenous people of this land. In spite of adversity rearing its ugly head in the eleventh hour, the designer much like the Native Americans, refused to give up. You see, just weeks prior to the runway presentation, the small Uruguayan workshop producing the handmade knits from the collection burned to the ground. With lightning reflexes, Lippes hired a local knitting circle to reproduce the designs lost in the fire.

While the knits and footwear were enough to reveal the designer's inspiration, I would by no stretch suggest a Native American theme upon his work. In fact, outside of those two elements, there was no obvious theme outside of excellent craftsmanship. Normally I highlight my favorite looks from the collections but this particular body of work has some real standout pieces, for example these two pieces of outerwear:

And we all know I love a fur. Let’s not get me started on this raccoon coat!

Meticulous being his middle name, and carrying on with what seems to be a theme this season, the real star of the ADAM collection was the Chantilly lace t-shirt shown in both black and cream.

After reviewing Lippes’ work, I have determined that between the knits, the outerwear, the lace, and the overall styling, the ADAM collection is going to be a tough one to beat! View the show for yourself.

I wonder if anyone will out design Adam Lippe. We will have to wait and see!

Bon chic, bon genre,


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