Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sartorial Summons

For his Fall 2011 collection Giles Deacon took his inspiration from the law — literally. It all started with the invitations which were designed, envelope and all, to be exact replicas of an official court summons (which I hear caused a few invitees to experience waves of terror!).

Deacon also drew inspiration from time spent in the Victoria and Albert Museum researching Victoriana and Edwardiana. This research, along with the designer’s use of law as a muse, was reflected in his usage of high collars and a bold black and white color palette.

As the collection progressed, texture and color were introduced.

As a perfect compliment to the collection the models were given matching red lips and nails. Sophy Robson, the hottest nail girl in London Town, was summoned yet again to manage the manicures. Last season’s Eek Manicure, one of my personal favorites, is still being worn today so I wonder if this season's vampy matte crimson talons will latch on.

Review the entire collection but move too slow and you may get a summons of your own - for a fashion violation!

Red lips and wing tips,


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