Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Boy Britches

From the opening look of a masculine overcoat draped over the shoulders of an oversized polka doted blazer and cropped rust colored trousers, it was obvious that Paul Smith’s woman is into borrowing her boyfriend's clothing this season.

Personally I am an advocate of boyfriend dressing. In my eyes it is one of the sexiest perspectives on womenswear. Any woman can put on a tight dress and high heels and feel sexy, but it takes a real woman to throw on slouchy jeans and one of her boyfriend’s cardigans and exude sex appeal.

Smith kept an air of softness and femininity by introducing more delicate pieces into the collection that come off as straight womenswear, such as this sheer silk blouse.

Some embroidered gowns were introduced towards the end of the collection, but probably could have been done without. I just don’t respond positively to a full-length wool gown embroidered with a floral pattern.

Here’s to borrowing your boyfriend’s britches!

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