Friday, February 11, 2011

Meditations from East to West

As predicted, I was definitely a fan of the Asian persuasion today. It all started a little later than scheduled with Peter Som at 10 AM, or rather 10:30 AM. I am not very tolerant of tardiness, however my mood quickly changed as the first model took the runway. This collection was well worth the wait. According to the designer, the collection was about being “effortlessly polished with a touch of the unexpected,” and that is what he gave us indeed. I responded positively to the idea of a floral for fall, presented by Som in the form of pansies, which appeared on the designer’s silks as if painted by Monet himself.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am no stranger to the sequin, nor am I bothered by the feather in the name of fashion. Som’s masterful application of these elements did nothing but solidify my position on his enrichment to our lives. My favorite look from the collection was a little pewter frock covered in tulle paillettes and oversized feather patches on the hips, which I suspect to be either ostrich or marabou.

The real gem of the collection was the footwear, which was a collaborative effort with famed shoe and accessory designer Charlotte Olympia. The heels were a modest height with bright green toes and poppy orange bows.

Peter Som delivered an energetic elegance where as Jason Wu’s collection was full of quiet sophistication. With such refined concepts and masterful execution at a young age, it is no wonder that a distinguished women such as First Lady Michelle Obama responds so positively to Wu’s clothing. For this collection, Robert Polidori's book on the 25-year restoration of Versailles inspired the designer. He described his work as “baroque meets sportswear”. He focused this season on tailoring, as well as such intricacies as the piecing together of lace, opening the collection with a charcoal overcoat draped over the shoulders of a perfectly tailored cropped jacket and black cigarette trousers. On the sleeve of the topcoat, as well as the sleeves of many other pieces in the collection, black lace detailing was applied.

I have been a fan of what has been happening in the world of dresses this season, but with such excellence in tailoring, how could I not choose a little jacket and trouser number as my favorite look?

I love this little tuxedo style jacket with black cigarette trousers. Elements of menswear made feminine are always super sexy to me. Also, I just love the bold combination of pure white and deep black. Sharp. Clean. Chic. You couldn’t help but feel this vibe as Wu’s ladies strolled down the runway to the sounds of Bach.

So far we have had energetic elegance from Peter Som and quiet sophistication from Jason Wu, but it took a lady to bring us the drama! Inspired by the work of artist Beverly Semmes, Doo-Ri Chung designed a collection of sweeping fabrics paired with tough and feminine over the knee boots that laced all the way up the leg.

Being a huge fan of draping and monochromic palettes, both of which Chung is know for, it is natural that she is one of my favorites each season. This time my favorite look came in the form of a draped silk jersey dress in a color that fell somewhere in between cobalt and navy.

After reviewing these collections, I think that it is safe to say that we have hit the trifecta. All three of these collections can be viewed in their entirety online. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for my next set of reviews as Fashion Week presses on!

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