Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Savage Style

To date, Savage Style has featured some fierce female bloggers but none quite compare to Cheap Thrills creator, Raezavel Argulla. Like our last Savage Styler, she's a native to Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) and has a wicked sense of style. Beyond wicked. And beyond that, she strikes a fierce pose like she's paid in advance for it, and her hair whipping skills would give Willow Smith a run for her money...and possibly even whip lash:

Jacket: H&M
T.babaton ace tank via Aritzia
Vintage belt, bracelets and leather skirt
necklace courtesy of Les Jumelles

Lace leotard courtesy of American Apparel
Thrifted sheer black pleated skirt and belt

Jacob blazer, Le Chateau belt
sheer shirt courtesy of American Apparel
(random) tights
double rings from Aldo

Jacob blazer, thrifted gold top + leather belt
Fallon necklace courtesy of ShopTheFarOut
vintage leather skirt courtesy of Chic Shop

In her words:

"On the surface, Raezavel Argulla may seem like your average, style-obsessed fashion blogger, but there is more to this Winnipegger than meets the eye. Behind vintage clothes and a solid pair of eyebrows, is a young woman who has come a long way from being the naive girl that started CHEAP THRILLS. Drawn to fashion at an early age, Raez devoured fashion magazines like they were Cheerios and fantasized about a glamorous life of working in the fashion industry. It wasn't until years later, when she discovered blogging and photography in high school, that she had a change of heart about becoming a designer and set her mind (and her goals) at becoming a fashion photographer instead."

Vintage blazer, DIY tank top
vintage Levi's and bag
bullet & crystal necklace c-o La Dama
tights c-o We Love Colors

Velvet twist scarf as turban courtesy of American Apparel
thrifted tee, shorts and bag
random tights and jewelry
L.A.M.B. wedges courtesy of ShopTheFarOut

Vintage stole
Rebel Meshsymetric Dress courtesy of Supadupa Vintage
Fallon Necklace courtesy of ShopTheFarOut

Kova&T dress (underneath) courtesy of ShopTheFarOut
vintage leather skirt and belt

According to her latest post, Cherry(Bomb), it may be her least for a while. But something tells our savage style sixth sense that this is not the last we've seen of Raez. There's a lot to take from her style and stylish posts and when she comes back there's no telling what fashion fury will be unleashed. Can't wait.

Can't get enough of Raez? Then check out this Q&A video from her beginning blogging days:

Think you've got enough style to be considered a shopping savage? E-mail your photos to with a breakdown of your outfit and your photo may be our feature of the week!