Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Naturally Beautiful: A Two-Part Look at Natural Hair (Pt. 1)

Part 1: Natural or Not

Chemically processed hair is common among women of color. But for those women who are natural and take the health and beauty of their hair seriously, I commend you! It isn't always easy to take the time necessary to maintain your hair in its natural state. It is a commitment to yourself, one that will cause moments of enlightenment - and frustration! - on your journey in the care of your hair.

Personally, I love the texture and volume of natural hair; in fact, I envy it. (As a user of "the creamy crack” my hair won’t hold a curl if I begged it to.) I also envy the freedom of those who have taken the DIY approach. While there are many salons that cater to natural hair styling, those who do their own hair enjoy saving money (one of my family members stated that she saves approximately $1,200 a year!) and time since they aren't sitting in salons bi-weekly or even weekly in many cases.

Many celebrities are wearing their hair naturally and show how to do so beautifully. Some of my favorite examples are:

Corinne Baily Rae

Jill Scott

Lauryn Hill

Solange Knowles

Tracee Ellis Ross

India Arie

If you are natural and looking for some tips on how to maintain your hair, or are thinking about making the switch (which is a huge commitment, but the results are worth the effort), my favorite natural hair sites are Motown Girl and Curly Nikki. These sites include tips for transitioning, hair care, upkeep and photo-journals of the process.

I also learned a few insider tips in speaking with friends and family members who have transitioned into natural hair, as well as suggestions from various guides online that they've recommended. I will feature hair care tips in part 2 of this post, so come back next week for the conclusion to Naturally Beautiful!

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