Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I want a pair of suede bucks for the summer but how can I wear them casually? I've only seen them worn with seersucker suits in the summer or something along those lines. Can they be worn with jeans? With shorts? Any other season besides summer?


Gettin Buck


Dear G.B.,

Bucks (short for "Buckskin") are one of the few men's shoe anomalies that straddle the fine line of "dressy casual" which, simply put, means that they can either be dressed up or down. Going in either direction is much less complicated than you think. To start, you must first decide which color will best suit your wardrobe. No longer are men relegated to the white, sand or tan color with brick colored soles (although one can never go wrong with a classic that's so right).

Once you've chosen a color (or two), its time to sit back and let the shoes do the rest of the work. As seen here, your Bucks don't have to match your outfit to be worn appropriately. In fact, with all the color options now available, you can have a veritable footwear field day mixing and/or matching this style shoe with your summer wardrobe.

A key element to pulling off the casual side of Bucks is to wear them sans socks and with a casual outfit, like shorts and a t-shirt. It's that simple. The shoes will elevate most any casual outfit's overall curb appeal and score you cool points with friends and fans of the shoe alike.

As far as wearing them in a season besides summer, don't be afraid to get your monies worth by stretching your Bucks wearability through to the Fall. With jeans, a woven shirt and a casual blazer, you'll look perfectly polished - albeit a tad preppy - for the weekend or a casual Friday at work without appearing overdressed or as if you're trying too hard to look relaxed. But even with these sartorial tips on how to treat and protect suede, opt for alternative footwear when your neck of the woods gets fall damp or winter wet with snow.

Many more guys should think to add a pair (or two) of these classic shoes into their footwear rotation. Bucks have proven that their popularity may ebb and flow, but with the new colors and styles, there's a pair out there for just about every guy, they just have to be open-minded enough to try them. As with anything, applying your personal style to something brings about a new interpretation, quite possibly inspiring someone else to try (on) something new. Long story short, there's more than one way to wear a Buck.

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