Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

My wife and I are taking a vacation to the Caribbean and she's trying to convince me to wear a speedo swimsuit. It started off as a joke but she keeps bringing it up. I'm in great shape so there's no physical issue but mentally I just can't wrap my head around it. Any advice?


Itty Bitty Male Bikini


Bikini cut swimsuits for men
have been on the rise, ahem, comeback for quite some time. Not that you'd know there was a decline in any country but America. In many countries male beach goers prefer the bikini cut bathing suit. You get as close to a full-body tan as possible without public indecency and they're easier to swim in because they don't drag in the water like a baggy, to-the-knee board short would, for example.

If it makes you feel more comfortable, wear your bikini cut swimwear under a pair of standard swim trunks. Depending on your comfort level, once its time to take a dip you can shed the decoy bathing suit. And if you're in the Caribbean, there will be many guys like you in swimwear as small - and by choice.

Look at buying a dark color to help you feel a little less exposed. Or, if you decided you want to be more adventurous and go for one that's a little lighter in color, or that even has a pattern or print design, just be sure that its lined to minimize any excessive VPL.

Wearing a bikini cut swimsuit is just as much mental as it is physical - although getting a few extra workouts in right before your debut couldn't hurt. Just chalk it up to being on vacation, obliging your wife and seeing how the other half live at the beach for a while - the other half being men who prefer a good budgie smuggler.

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  1. sorry mate, i don't wear speedo swimsuit, no advice for you, it's not anything phisical, my bermudas are confortable and sometimes a go to a beach where you go naked.

    Have a great time on your holydays!

    The Trendy Surfer