Monday, April 18, 2011

USC Fashion Week Fashion Show

On Thursday, April 14th, the USC Fashion Board put on their third annual fashion show, utilizing local retailers from the downtown area.

Just the Thing

Van Jean

Van Jean


Aside from the great fashions that were graciously loaned from the local retailers, the fashion show featured a local up-and-coming designer, Laura McCall. McCall, a sophomore attending USC as a Fashion Merchandising major, learned how to sew her junior year in high school from her grandmother. She started sewing with her grandmother’s old draperies and has been designing with those fabrics ever since.

McCall in self-designed shorts

"I'm very inspired by interior design," began McCall. "I'm mostly attracted to upholstery and drapery fabrics. Places like the Biltimore Estate, Versailles and various other European castles and chateaus etc. have the most beautiful fabrics in their extravagantly designed interior rooms on everything from chairs, to beds, to walls. I find these fabrics intriguing and challenging."

Dress designed by McCall

Her designs give off a sophisticated, hobo-inspired chicness, which she hopes consumers can relate to and even draw a sense of pride and confidence from when wearing her pieces. "I know it sounds silly not to be confident and prideful in your sense of style and selection of clothing, but so many people aren't," said McCall. "Having a classic silhouette but with a knockout bold, different, yet tastefully standout fabric print speaks volumes about confidence and pride."

Top designed by McCall

"I want to eventually have my own line," McCall said in regards to her future plans. "I realize that takes a lot of work so I'm focusing on starting small and working my way up. Ultimately I'm all about the garment construction and what fabric goes with what silhouette, with what bag, shoe, etc. I enjoy making clothing so much and want to make a career out of that to the best of my abilities!"

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