Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor: A Thing of Beauty

The world lost a legend on March 23 in Elizabeth Taylor’s passing. Known for her “violet” eyes and vicious sex appeal, Elizabeth Taylor was a force to be reckoned with. Transitioning from her start in Hollywood as a child star in Lassie Come Home at the tender age of 11 to the woman we all knew and loved, gracefully Elizabeth Taylor became an icon of beauty and style.

Married 8 times to 7 different husbands and a little eccentric, men loved her and women aspired to be like her. After all, who doesn’t want to be the woman with a jewelry collection that puts most to shame and a beauty that was untouched and all her own?

However, Taylor proved that she was more than just a pretty face, but also a brilliant businesswoman. In fact, her jewelry collection inspired one of the most successful celebrity fragrances of all time, White Diamonds.

Making its debut in 1991, in 2008, the fragrance was still the most globally successful celebrity fragrance of all time. The commercial seemed to play on loop throughout the 90’s, never allowing us to forget the classic line, “These have always brought me luck.”

Taylor was also a known philanthropist, raising an estimated $50 million through the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Named a Dame of the British Empire in 1999, Taylor was a saucy lady, whose beauty inspired women worldwide to tap into their more glamorous selves, myself included.

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