Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birds of a Feather in the name of Fashion

One of the “cooler” trends to hit the accessory scene this spring is feathers: on earrings, bags and even in your hair.

Vanessa Hudgens flocked to wearing feathered earrings

Here’s a pair of feather earrings that can be found at Forever21 that won't bring you close to breaking the bank!

Another way to interpret the trend is by having feathers on your bag:

Rachel Bilson sporting a feathered clutch to compliment her look.

Here’s an interpretation of feathers on a purse by Leigh and Luca New York

The last feather trend that's slowly gaining a following is the “feather extension”. It’s a great way to add that “boho” feel to your look:

Jennifer Love Hewitt adds a couple of colored feather extensions to add some zest to her all black ensemble.

Pictured below is Joyce McWhorter, a sophomore at USC, sporting the up-and-coming trend. She got her feather extension from Salon Couture. She has what they call the “natural” feather extension:

With three great ways to add feathers to your wardrobe, you can definitely take this trend and run - or fly - with it!

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  1. I love feathers on bags, especially on a clutch.