Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

Summer is approaching and I'm trying to get ready wardrobe wise. I want to wear shorts but I have to ask, how short is too short a short for a man?


Do Men Wear Short Shorts?


Dear D.M.W.S.S.,

Without knowing your definition of "short shorts" the generic answer to your question is that a man has every right to wear a short as short as he'd like as long as he has the legs for it and they are age appropriate. In many cases, leg length and height are contributing factors in determining how short a short you should feasibly go.

Yet despite your physical makeup, your 20's are a time when you can explore any of the foregoing inseams, but also, the last time a guy should confidently wear any shorts with an inseam 7" or less. Your 30's are for 9" inseams and your 40's+ are looking at an 11" inseam.

It's debatable whether to call anything beyond an 11" inseam a "short". Many young guy's idea of shorts of late can easily - and honestly - be confused with either a gaucho or a wide-leg trouser with a short break. Its hard to imagine that anyone wearing them would reap any of the benefits that a true short provides. Hemlines that hover around an ankle sock line doesn't seem like it would keep you that cool. Plain and simple, there's nothing short about them.

So again, plan to wear short shorts this summer if its age appropriate - and if you fill fit enough to fit them into your wardrobe. And just remember that if no one else understands your affinity for "short shorts" you can always crank up the Royal Teens for solace. As the few lyrics go:

Who wears short shorts?
We wear short shorts.
They're such short shorts!
We like short shorts!
Who wears short shorts?
We wear short shorts!

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  1. I do wear short shorts! Here in Spain has arrived spring with sun and it's hot and perfect to wear short!
    Love you style blog, i following you!