Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I lived the past 32-years of my life in warm climates and now, for work, I moved to a place with a real winter. I saw snow for maybe the fifth time in my life and knew I wasn't ready for this climate change clothing wise. Any tips on getting a guy ready for winter without having me overdo it? I can withstand most of the cold, just maybe a few suggestions on where to get a good jacket.


Cold Weather Warrior


Dear C.W.W.,

If there was ever a moment to get on a soap box to vent about men not being properly dressed for winter weather its now. For whatever reason fellas, most of you seem content with having one universal wardrobe that is somehow always slanted towards being dressed for warm weather even in the dead of winter. Countless guys seem to brave the cold with their shoulders raised, head lowered and hands shoved into their pockets. It's deplorable.

So in addition to the tips provided in this previous post, you may benefit from a few others. Look for fine gauge sweaters and trousers made of wool (think merino and cashmere for sweaters; select wool trousers with a silk lining to avoid irritation); a wool overcoat for work and semi-formal occasions; corduroy pants (look for a thinner wale unless you want your pants to age you by 20 years) and rubber overshoes when weather conditions threaten your footwear.

And don't forget to add a few winter accessories to your newly acquired winter wardrobe. Despite the grievous misconception, guys do in fact wear scarves, gloves, hats and extra layers when the weather calls for it. Or at least the smart ones do. Trying to be cool in winter just makes you look...cold.

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