Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

My daughter started high school a few months ago and now wants to wear heels to school. Should I let her?


Mom hot on her daughter's heels


Dear M.H.O.H.D.H.,

A better question is how you've managed to keep her out of heels this long! Whatever your answer, more moms should follow your lead and pose this question before letting their daughters wear shoes too adult too soon. However, since most teenagers equate their happiness with their self-image around your daughter's age, wearing heels is not an outrageous request. Assuming she has had some experience with heels or wedges over the years, she's at an age where she's mature enough to take the training shoes off.

Of course as the mom of a teenage girl you should still oversee what she wears and how its worn; as heels go you definitely want to be there to help her pick pairs that she can wear to school without major discomfort. A stacked heel with a small platform, for example, would provide more traction and comfort than a 4" spiked stiletto boot.

There are many sites that offer advice on how to walk in heels and the podiatry risks that you take by wearing them, but ultimately, these are lessons a young woman should learn from her mother. With the proper tutelage (and gel inserts) your daughter should be able to walk through adolescence in any shoe she wants. In fact, giving her permission to wear heels to school may help her see that yes, they may look glamorous to walk in, but it'll take some time before she will be comfortable walking a mile in those shoes. Hell hath no fury like a stiletto heel. Best she learn this lesson early in life.

If she's going out with friends you may want to suggest a pair of these when her heels start to become a hindrance.

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