Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I'm looking to start the year off with a healthy closet cleaning. Any idea what I should do with the clothing I no longer want?


Cleaning out my Closet


Dear C.O.M.C.,

Cleaning out the closet is a great way to start off the year. But before you get lured into the temptation of the "retail write-off", there are a few other alternative solutions to consider before bidding your unwanted wears good-bye, that could be just as rewarding.

Once you've separated out what you're planning to donate its always a good idea to consider consignment shops for parting with some of your bigger ticket in-season items. Of course, said profit is based on a sliding scale set by the slippery slope of the economy and retail resale so don't expect too much. You will only earn back a fraction of what you originally paid, but since it was already set to be donated then a cash exchange of any amount is an added bonus. And since its money earned outside of your normal budget you can spend it or save it however you like.

Another idea is to consider organizing a clothing exchange party with a group of friends. Choose friends closest to you (in terms of size and clothing taste) and ask them to clean out their closets and bring over their best pieces they want to part with. Set a limit of how much to bring and what condition is to be considered acceptable for the exchange and you're all set. Within the time it takes to sift through the mall, you and your recessionista fashionista friends could create a new-to-you wardrobe out of each other's discards. One friend's trash is another's thrifty trend.

However, if the idea of cashing in on your clothing in one way or another seems more like a hassle than helpful, then taking the altruistic road may just be the answer for you. Any local charity, such as red cross or goodwill, will be more than happy to take your donation to assist someone in need.

There are many directions to consider and no matter whether you decide to go for retail resale, redistribution amongst friends or contributing to a charity, you have done something much larger than give away old clothing. You've either helped stimulate the economy, helped a budgeting friend shop without spending or supplied someone with not only a new outlook, but a new outfit, for the new year.

Now that you've got your closet cleaned out, use tips from this previous post to ensure it's also cleaned up.

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  1. I love the idea of a clothing swap with friends. So clever, I've never thought of that!