Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

My husband is in the military and I've tried taking him shopping for updated casual clothing but he won't budge. Any ideas how I can get him to at least open up to the idea of new clothes?


Wife of a Drill Sergeant


Dear W.O.A.D.S.,

A similar question was posed not long ago by a girl looking to revamp her boyfriend's wardrobe and the same advice applies: proceed with caution. Your husband probably wears army issued attire more than not, undoubtedly leading him to believe his civilian-wear is so under worn he doesn't need anything new, even if you believe the contrary.

So you'll have to initiate revamping his wardrobe. Start out by looking at the brands, sizes and even material composition of what he already owns and looks the best in. Take this information with you as you start to look at adding, and eventually subtracting by way of replacing, out-of-date pieces in his wardrobe.

Just be sure to keep him involved in the process. Although he may grimace at the idea of you spending money on new clothing for him, once you've done the choosing and the charging he'll warm up to the new wears. Most men don't have that much of an invested interest in their appearance due to women taking on the task of keeping their closets current. Without your assistance - or that of his mom, past girlfriends and current girl friends - he would probably be in worse sartorial shape than he is now. With that said, be sure not to throw out anything before consulting him first. Men can become very territorial - and sentimental - when it comes down to the incoming and outgoing of their wardrobes.

For the next phase of operation: closet overhaul, you'll want to try to get him to spend more time in the men's department browsing than you currently do. You want him to take an interest in shopping for himself. Ask him to try on everything you've recently purchased for him and solicit his honest feedback. You may notice after a a few rounds of retail therapy in his honor that he becomes more invested in his casual appearance. The ultimate goal is to not only turn around his wardrobe but his overall approach to shopping for himself. There's no such thing as a clothing commendation but if there was, you would be up for it after you are done with him. Consider your service for the greater clothing good complete: at ease shopper.

On a special note: To your husband, and to all the men and women who serve our great country, thank you.

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