Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

My boyfriend is starting to sleep over more and I'm thinking I need to invest in some real pajamas. I'm a petite girl in height and weight and usually wear a tank top and boy's boxers to bed. I want to be a little sexier but not wear lingerie to bed every night.


Pajama Girl


Dear P.G.,

Before buying pajamas you want to consider your unconscious comfort level. Think about your sleep pattern: do you get warm in the middle of the night - either by nature or because of your boyfriend's body heat? Toss and turn? Back and forth to the bathroom? Or perhaps you're a light sleeper? In addition to helping you decide what pajamas you'd be most comfortable in, your answers may also be helpful in determining how much sleep you're getting a night and if it's enough.

But lets not count the sheep before they jump the fence to get to the mall. Now that you're armed with your sleep study results you can begin your search for the perfect pj's. Start with department stores since their inventory of sleepwear tends to run the gamut from babydoll cami's with matching panties to flannel onesies. Look for natural materials that breath in addition to being comfortable and pleasing to your (boyfriend's) eye. Cotton, silk and satin are your best material bets.

Even after you have an idea of what looks good and feels good on, still take the time to explore the many variations of sleepwear offered. After all, pajamas have diversified from being just for the bedroom. Under the guise of "lounge wear" many consumers have adopted comfortable, yet fashionable, ensembles that can be worn around the house - with an emphasis on around the house. Look for coordinates that range from shorts and tanks to pants and tops, keeping in mind what's most important: the materials used, the fit and of course its sleep in.

But as a word of caution, once you buy a set of pajamas its hard to ignore the multitude of sleep wear accessories and sleep aids. What's a set of pajamas without the matching bathrobe? Or what about slippers? Then of course there are earplugs, sleeping eye masks, sound machines and need it be said: a quality mattress with high thread count sheets and firm pillows.

Your boyfriend sleeping over may cost you more than you bargained for, but in the long run it could be the best thing that ever happened to you and your bed. Investing in the relationship you and he has is important but so is the investment you're making in your relationship with sleep. A boyfriend in the bed sounds great, but a good night's sleep sounds just as sexy.

Want to know what you and your partner's sleep position says about your relationship? Use this guide to help decode your current sleeping arrangement or take this quiz to determine if you're compatible to really sleep together.

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  1. As a guy, I'd suggest you go with what you are comfortable with and what got you to the dance. Matching and all that is great, but guys know that comfortable is sexy. A girl in boxers and a nice little top is much better than some excessive pajama get-up. Those only look good on the floor...