Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shopping for Chapeaux’s (Hats!)

In many areas, the summer heat wave has already begun...and its only the beginning. But in addition to the “barely there” clothing you would typically grab to stay cool, why not top off your outfit by reaching to the top shelf of your closet and add on a fabulous hat! Hats as we all know, have been worn as fashion statements for centuries, but they've also been the best way to keep your head cool and protected in the summer (not to mention warm and covered in the winter).

The key to a summer hat is the material used. Look for straw, linen or cotton to create your own shade and help you stay cool while looking cool. Here are some great looks where the star of the outfit is our shady friend.


Ashlee Simpson looking boho-chic with her long locks and a classic fedora. This hat looks great with just a pair of long jeans or jean shorts, a boho top, and a pair of gladiators.

Nicole Richie is wearing a longer brimmed fedora. This hat looks good with a casual outfit, such as the one she is wearing in the picture, or you can dress it up with a great pair of slacks and a tucked in button-down.

Jennifer lopez is wearing the famous “floppy hat”. This hat is probably the most versatile of them all. You could wear it lying out at the beach, with a super casual outfit, or a very glamorous outfit, such as the one she is wearing in the picture. Also what is great about this iconic hat is that it works with just about any size head because it’s so dramatic in size.

Besides Samantha Jones from Sex and the City: The Movie, only a few choice people could pull off - or on! - this exaggeratedly extra large-brimmed hat.


Matthew Morrison, from Broadway and the hit tv show, Glee, wears the classic "pork pie" hat in straw to demonstrate how to beat the heat in the most attractive way. I've seen guys wearing this hat with a pair of wayfarers, a tank top and shorts for a great "beat the heat while running the streets look".

Justin Timberlake is one celebrity who's never shied away from hats, especially the aforementioned "pork pie" but here he wears a "driver/ivy" hat that comes in a variety of colors and materials that are sure to add to any outfit. Go for an unexpected color like coral - one of the summer's most covetable colors - and add some zest to a stripped t-shirt and shorts outfit or a linen suit.

The baseball cap, or "fitted", has to be one of the most iconic and steadfast hats worn by man of late. Here, Jay-Z wears his signature NY Yankees cap (with his lyrics embroidered under the brim) to the side but for optimal sun protection you may want to wear the brim to shadow your face. But really, however you choose to wear it - with jeans and a t-shirt or a business suit - you're still keeping the heat off your head. And with a pair of sunglasses you'll still get the desired "cool on top of cool" effect.

The great thing about hats is their versatility. If you're looking for more styles, this site has been featured before and is such a great resource for hats it had to be mentioned again. Combining their knowledge of hats with your desire to wear one, you should be able to beat the heat throughout the summer in style with no sweat, or at least none on your brow!

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