Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prepare to Romp in Rompers

Last spring, the trend that hit the celebrity world and the general public with a bang was the jumpsuit/romper. This one-piece outfit is so comfortable and can vary in length and styles, making it something every girl should own. What makes them so special is that they are sewn underneath to turn what would be a dress, into shorts. Listed below, with the help of celebrities modeling the styles, are the most popular types of rompers of late.

This strapless romper worn by Kristen Cavallari has a casual, almost beachy look to it.
It looks good in solid colors and in prints. It’ll look great accessorized with stylish flats, gladiators and even a cardigan/cover-up for night.

Kim Kardashian is wearing another casual romper but it has thick straps. This style would flatter most body types, but again, flat sandals work well with the length of the shorts and have a cardigan or cover-up on hand in case you get a chill.

Blake Lively is wearing a version of the romper with “spaghetti” straps. This sexier version could be worn with heels or wedges because of its dressier look and feel.

Here is a sleeved-romper that has more of the “safari” look. It can be worn casually or with a heel/wedges like Nicole Richie in this photo. Be cognizant of how the pleats on the shorts fall because you want the romper to have a slimming effect and not a "pulled" look to it.

Vanessa Hudgens is showing off another romper with sleeves but again, because it’s not cotton, it tends to look dressier so heels/wedges would be more appropriate. Also, because the sleeves are fuller, the short shorts help balance out the proportions so you don’t look like you’re wearing a parachute.

Sienna Miller is seen wearing a “jumpsuit” romper. The jumpsuit gets its name because of the full-length pant. This particular jumpsuit incorporates another trend, the harem pant. This style looks best when the harem pant is loose enough to fall and fold without clinging to your body. Wear heels/wedges with this look to further emphasize the slimmer you underneath. Also, if you do purchase one of these, stick to solid colors. Because of the draping affect a pattern would take away from the outfit. Use accessories to add pops of color.

Padma Lakshmi is wearing a jumpsuit that will look good on every body type. Because of the wider pant, you will be able to wear this for casual or dressier events. Any shoe would look great with this jumpsuit.

Chanel Iman is seen here wearing an extremely dressy - and sexy! - jumpsuit. Because of the material's sheen, there is little need for jewelry. If you're going to add accessories, limit it to studs, a dainty ring and clutch, as seen above. Heels would look best to play up the dressiness of the jumpsuit.

Hopefully, with help from these looks, you will be able to rock a romper with confidence and stay on trend for this summer - and possibly next!

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