Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rock 'N' Roll Out for Fashion

From the dawning of rock 'n' rolls popularity in the late 1960s, music and fashion have been intermingling. During the summers, people are ready to let loose and sway to the rhythms of their favorite artists. Because of this, there are concerts and music festivals all over the world that bring an assortment of people, culture and fashions together. The problem is many of us want to stay trendy and cool during these hot and crowded concerts so the question is: what do you wear? Here is a look at some celebrities rocking the festival scene attire and where you can get similar looks.

Kate Bosworth is no stranger to the music scene and after being spotted at the Coachella Music Festival this summer, she definitely has an element of “hippie-chic” to her style. She tends to go for lightweight fabrics to stay cool and comfortable.

Here is a dress similar to the one she is wearing in the middle picture from Banana Republic.

Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson, Ian Somerhalder, and Nina Dobrev (t to r) also attended the Coachella Festival this summer. Although their looks are very different (Diane doing more of a resort look where as Nina is more sporty with a pair of sneakers), they are both wearing soft cotton black tank tops that look great with what they're wearing.

This tank top from Forever 21 is a great summer closet staple. The complete outfit on the model would be great to wear all day.

Vanessa Hudgens is definitely channeling the 70’s with this outfit. The sheer pants convey a relaxed yet stylish look.

A good alternative to those pants is a long printed skirt by Joie from Shop Bop. It's similar to the pant not only because of its print but also its overall relaxed aesthetic.

Joe Jonas was spotted at the Coachella Festival as well this year and this rocker look is perfect for any guy wanting to attend a music festival. Layering makes it easier for you to go from day to night with ease.

This jacket from Banana Republic is similar to the one above in that it can go from music festivals to a date night on the town.

Here is a list of accessories that festival goers should have to make the experience that much more enjoyable:

ONE by Collina Strada is a great bucket bag. It can carry a multitude of items and looks fit to be carried to a festival.

These Jeffrey Campbell boots will look great with shorts, skinny jeans, or a summer dress.

K. Jacques make these gladiators and their neutral color can be paired with just about any summer ensemble.

Converse Allstars have been around for decades and are still a great sneaker to have in your closet because of their comfort and cool appeal. These shoes can be great for guys and girls at a concert or just to own for their versatility.

With these suggestions you will be able to stay cool and comfortable in the summer months while listening to your favorite artists live.

Long live Peace, Love, Fashion & Rock 'n' Roll.

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