Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oprah: A Media Icon Through the Years

Through the years, Oprah has been invited into homes across America as a friend and mentor to men and women alike. In those years, we've watched Oprah grow an empire, starting with her daytime talk show and expanding to own and operate her movie and television production company (Harpo), O Magazine, and most recently OWN, her television station (yes, the Oprah Winfrey Network!).

Not only has Oprah shown the world her extraordinarily keen business sense, she has also changed many lives by adopting her children (who reside in South Africa), helping to kick-start the careers of Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Dr. Oz and giving away millions of dollars through charitable donations and fabulous merchandise on her “Favorite Things” episodes.

Still, her greatest philanthropic effort has to be a tie between the Angels Network, not only for the amount of relief and aid given to people in need of all walks of life, but because she was able to create such an interest in giving that thousands of people across America felt compelled to help Oprah help others. Another major milestone was was opening the Leadership Academy for Girls, which she financed entirely to give 150 underprivileged girls in South Africa a chance at success through education; a truly remarkable feat.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to highlight some of Oprah’s most memorable looks.

Oprah, seen here in the beginning of her career as a news anchor in Nashville, TN. Natural hair and makeup allow her beauty to shine through.

Oprah and Barbara Walters in the first of many interviews the two would have over Oprah’s 25 years in television.

Big hair and larger than life guests would become a trend throughout her career. Oprah famously rolled out approximately 70 pounds of animal fat on stage to show her audience how much weight she’d lost over the 5 months prior to taping. Her battle with weight is one that she has shared with her audience openly. Her hair was as vicious as her new body; during this period, Oprah really turned up the drama when it came to her hair beauty choices.

Seen after gaining the weight back, Oprah still keeps her style and beauty on trend during the 90’s.

Oprah lost the weight again and opted for a change in hairstyle; a shorter, layered look that suited her nicely, giving her a very girl-next-door look for the middle-aged woman.

Seen here at the opening of The Color Purple on Broadway in 2005, Oprah wears tight curls for an elegant, but nontraditional red carpet look.

This is my personal favorite hairstyle of Oprah’s. I love the loose tendrils that give her a fun, approachable look. Her choice to wear a natural-looking face compliments this hairstyle perfectly, allowing for the focus to be her hair, without going too far.

Through the years, Oprah’s look has changed dramatically; she’s had many hits and just as many misses. Regardless, we all love and respect Oprah and our televisions will join us in missing her every afternoon at 4pm.

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