Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Savage Style

This week's savage styler is the creator of fashion blog, Genetic Boi. As said on his site:

"My name's Quan. I'm young, broke, and fabulous. Born 10/24/87 in Vietnam, moved to US in 1998. I enjoy my solitude. I study Graphic Design, but I do a little bit of everything... so I prefer to call myself an artist. I believe that identity is a construct. I'm often alone and misunderstood, but I'm free!"

What he fails to mention in this modest introduction is that his fashion sense is as defiant as his incredible anti-gravity poses:

YesStyle pullover, BDG jeans (cut to shorts), vintage thrift shoes, D.I.Y. jean jacket

Topman pants, H&M woven cardigan and tank top, biblical sandals, Urban Outfitters necklace

Topman pants, H&M buttondown, YesStyle belt and bag, vintage bracelet and shoes

I have been using this screen name as my identity for the past 4 or 5 years now, ever since I downloaded AIM (aol instant messenger) way back in freshman year of high school. My good friend Linda was joking around since I loved Dark Angel so much, I should be Genetic Boi or some sorts. She actually made an AIM account under GeneticBoi for me because I wasn't caught up with all the chatting yet at the time! Since then, I have been using GeneticBoi for online purposes. At the same time becoming more confident and learning about myself to reflect onto this ID named GeneticBoi.
**The reason why I jump in my pictures is simply because ANYBODY can stand and take a good picture, but it's hard to jump AND take a good picture, therefore, I want to challenge myself, and not bore my viewers.**

YesStyle blazer, Kendu shorts, vintage bracelet, Urban Outfitters necklace, H&M t-shirt

Topman shirt, YesStyle blazer, harem pants and backpack, shoes Aldo

D.I.Y. leopard shirt, vintage thrift leather jacket and shoes, H&M shorts, oversized wayfarers

Words from Quan to live by:

Remember: even if people talk shit about you, or say negative things, you have all the rights to feel self-important! LOVE YOURSELF! FREE YOURSELF! BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR SEXUALITY! BE YOU! :)

For more of Quan's high-flying style, check out his Facebook album.

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