Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 Bad Beauty Habits to Break...Now!

Everyone has bad habits; some worse than others. When it comes to beauty there are so many that can be harmful to you - or someone else's - health. Whether done out of nervous habit or you were given bad information, here are five practices that you may not know are causing more harm than good - and now's the time to stop doing them!

1. Over-plucking eyebrows

Eventually the hairs will be so weakened that they won't grow back. When it comes to eyebrow plucking, apply the age-old "less is more" rule. Pluck less to retain stronger, healthier-looking eyebrows. Besides, bold brows are what's hot; virtually non-existent brows? Not.

2. Shaving

While it's generally not spoken about, some women do have facial hair. Plucking can be very painful, and most women don't want anyone else to know about it so they shave. There are a few things wrong with this: A. re-growth appears thicker and coarser because the hair is cut mid-shaft rather than removed at the root and, B. as a result of A, 5 o'clock shadow is in the future of any woman that shaves. Ultimately ladies, you're not alone in the battle against facial hair; bite the bullet and get it waxed or threaded by a professional. You'll find that the embarrassment is all in your head.

3. Using lemon juice to lighten locks

This is bad if it is done regularly and not done properly. If you want hair that looks and feels like straw, use lemon juice on your hair without caring for it. However, if you want to use this as a natural alternative to lighten your hair, be sure to condition hair well and use a little extra TLC.

4. Biting and licking lips

While this can be sexy at the appropriate time, what is not sexy is chapped or bleeding lips. The skin on lips is very delicate and easily broken. Don't bite off skin and don't lick your lips, causing
them to dry out. Instead, moisturize liberally with a (delicious) lip balm to keep them soft, hydrated and healthy.

5. Sharing makeup

She may be your best-friend and you may know everything about each other but sharing makeup is never a good idea. What you don't know about each other is the types of bacteria you could be swapping when you use each other's products and tools. For example, while your friend may not exhibit signs of conjunctivitis now, there may have been a time when she had it and used a particular eyeliner. She didn't throw it away and without thinking, you use it. Now you've got pink eye. Get it?

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  1. I didn't know that one about the eyebrows. These are helpful, thanks (:

  2. Thanks for the tip on eyebrow plucking :)