Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I am a mom with a demanding career and a demanding home life so when I leave my house in the morning I travel heavy: a gym bag, my work tote, purse and miscellaneous extras for the kids, inclement weather accessories, etc. I recently started seeing a chiropractor because of lower back, shoulder and neck pain. I attribute it all to the many bags I carry but I can't seem to find a way to lighten the load. And before you say it, my doctor recommended the bag on wheels but I've tried them and they can be bulky and cumbersome, not to mention unfashionable.

Any good suggestions on a great bag to handle all my demands without breaking my back?


Mom on the Move


Dear M.O.T.M.,

It sounds like you've got a lot resting on your shoulders - literally and figuratively. What's amazing is that you believe that in order to have it all you have to carry it once. And you are not alone. There are women walking in the same stiletto-heeled shoes as you that teeter on the brink of being recognized as a stylish Sherpa.

We could talk bags but you, more than anything, sound like you need a distribution strategy versus a bigger bag that will only lead you to believe that you have room to pile more things in. You are better served by using your routine's resources to your advantage. Keep what you need for the kids in the car; keep what you need for work at work; acquire a gym locker - and utilize their laundry service - to store your workout clothing and accessories.

Buy travel sized items to further lighten the load in case you have to transport a few things on your person that day. But the only thing you should carry from this point on is your purse and work tote and even those shouldn't be stuffed to the gills. You may still want to see your chiropractor to help repair or reverse what damage you've done by carrying so much for so long. With any luck you should see - and feel - a difference in less time than it takes to unpack your current day-to-day baggage. Overnight, you'll go from a bag lady to a lady who carries a bag. Sounds much more chic, n'est-ce pas?

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