Friday, March 4, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I may have a new challenge for you. Is there such a thing as key chain fashion? Is it an accessory worthy of gifting?


Key Chain Gifter


Dear K.C.G.,

At first thought, the suggestion of a key chain as a gift seems so...underwhelming. Unless, of course, the key chain in question is attached to keys to a new car, house or safe deposit box. But on second thought, a key chain can be an extension of a person's personality - or style - so maybe there is gift potential in something so commonly overlooked as a gift.

Key chains have always been a little trendy and a great way to express yourself - not to mention its primary function of helping you easily identify your keys amongst others or if dropped. If you take the time to find one that highlights the person's personality or would make them think of you each time they reached for it then you're on the right track of giving one as a gift.

If you can't find one that has sentimentality attached to it, you could always go the designer approach. Just about every label produces a key chain of some sort and truth be told, they can get pricey...for a key chain. However, it could be considered a small touch of luxury and, if nothing else, a way for you to provide said gift receiver with a piece of their dream designer label without breaking the bank to do so.

Fashion and personal style is nothing without attention to detail so really, a key chain could be considered a personal touch to either add style or nostalgia for the bearer. And if nothing else, its quite the play on the idea of putting a ring on it.

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