Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bonjour Paris!

Paris Fashion Week has come to an end, and with that bittersweet sentiment comes the end of yet another fashion season. Paris is absolutely one of my favorite weeks of the year, mostly because all of my favorite houses show in Paris—Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Yves St. Laurent just to name a few.


This season Karl Lagerfeld seemed to draw inspiration from a dark and apocalyptic future for the Chanel collection. The smoky color palette and masculine fit was very evocative of a mood quite different from the sophisticated femininity that immediately comes to mind when one thinks of Chanel.

Keeping with what seems to be a trend within his collections of late, Lagerfeld chose to show the collection with a relatively low heel. In fact, most of the girls paraded down the catwalk in tough biker boots with slouchy socks around the ankles.

A bit of classic Chanel femininity was introduced towards the end through the evening wear, which was done in black lace.


For the Yves St. Laurent collection, Stefano Pilati took his inspiration from Bianca Jagger and the YSL archives. Clinging to the YSL “Opium,” which he began exploring through his Pre-Fall runway looks, Pilati crafted a collection that was quite evocative of the house during the early 1960’s and moving even into the '70s.

The color palette was monochromatic with shots of color here and there, but filled with variations in pattern and texture. The aesthetic was the perfect balance of conservative and profane.

Click here to see Chanel, YSL and the rest of the Paris collections in their entirety.

I hope that you have enjoyed my coverage of the shows this season. Until we meet again, wear something that makes you feel - and look - magnifique!

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  1. That YSL black and white jacket is AMAZING as well as the fur. I also loved the smokey darkness of the Chanel show.