Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Shopping Savage...

Good morning Shopping Savage,

I just had the best first date of my life. I'm going out of town on business for a few days but we planned our next date the evening upon my return. I was thinking while I was out of town that it would be really nice to surprise her with a small gift. Maybe a bottle of perfume? A small piece of jewelry? Thoughts?


Second Date Jitters


Good Late Evening S.D.J.,

Maybe if you had known her for longer than one minute....err, I mean one date - albeit "the best first date of [your] life" - then I would say a gift is a great gesture but too much too soon may make you come across as being too eager. Not to mention with just one date under your belt your bound to have trouble choosing a fragrance she would like, let alone something as intimate, personal and quite frankly, costly, as jewelry. If I were to suggest you take any sort of gift I would stick to the traditional: flowers.

My advice to you, and to all, is when it comes to relationships - as I am no expert, trust me - to look at it like a traffic signal. It sounds like the first date went well so you're out of the red; currently you're in the yellow so proceed with caution until you get the green light from your paramour. A gift is a great gesture but I think you making the effort to get together right after you return from your trip is probably sending all the signals she needs to know that you're interested.

So the bottom line is this: flowers would suffice in this instance, a small gift from your travels - something indigenous and inexpensive - would be really thoughtful and unexpected, but truly your presence will be gift enough.

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