Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I am a college student on a semi-permanent financial diet. The problem is that the girls I go to school with carry designer handbags and wear designer clothes and I'm slowly finding myself drawn to their style of dress and choice of accessories.

I can't afford real designer clothing and bags so I was thinking of getting a few knock-off designer bags and wanted your opinion on what I should get or where I should start looking.


Craving Designer Bags Badly


Dear C.D.B.B.,

I'm truly apologetic, but I can't help you. At least not help you find a knock-off designer bag. I have never purchased a knock-off anything, least a bag, nor do I condone my friends (or fashionable fans) to purchase counterfeits. They are bad for the economy and only good for organized crime, cruel child labor and underpaid and overworked assembly workers.

If you can't afford an expensive designer bag, my suggestion would be to take a trip to your local TJ Maxx, Marshall's or Target. You should be able to find a well-made bag (one that wasn't sewn together by hands barely big enough to hold a threaded needle - but I digress...) that fits into your "semi-permanent financial diet".

In no time you'll have a bag collection comprised of diverse brands, styles and colors. You'll be just as trendy as all the other girls at your school, only your bag will speak more to your individual style and be less about being a designer droid.

Check out for more information on why "fakes are NEVER in fashion".

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