Thursday, June 30, 2011

Colored Denim: Totally '80's, Totally Rad!

There's no better season than summer to add a splash of color to your outfit, so why not choose an eye-popping pair of colored jeans or shorts? This is a great way to embrace summer style without breaking the bank on bold accessories and tops. All you need is that one color to turn up the heat on your outfit's hue.

Jessica Alba is a fan of the colored denim look while running around town. She managed to turn what would have been a rather blah outfit into a stylish one that could easily transition from day to night.

Rihanna has no fear when it comes to fashion. Here she is pictured wearing a bold yellow jean with a great cheetah printed top. The combined look is eye-catching, but not overwhelming.

Anna Kendrick looks super chic in these green pants paired with a sheer blazer. This is definitely a men’s inspired look that still portrays femininity. This specific color of jean could be color blocked with an orange, lavender, or pink top for daytime.

Sarah Jessica Parker is known throughout the world as an influential woman of style. Here, she sports red jeans with a light, lavender tee for running errands. She manages to look trendy while out-and-about even though her outfit is much more casual than we're used to seeing her.

Chris Brown performs in a pair of aqua-colored jeans that could be worn with just about any outfit. It doesn't matter if you pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers or an oxford and blazer, you'll transform the look into something more appropriate summer color-wise.

Kanye West has a number of reputations but one of the most accurate seems to be his love for making bold outfit choices. So it would only be appropriate for him to be seen in a pair of bold colored jeans. Here he's dressed them down with a hoodie, but just like Kendrick's outfit above, we see that this color jean could be easily dressed up.

What better color denim for summer than technically a non-color? Here, Justin Bieber busts a move in white jeans that he's accented with little additional color. White jeans for the summer can be considered a closet staple, just be sure to scotch guard them to avoid any accidental stains!

You can find colored jeans just about anywhere these days, from Forever 21 to Nordstrom. Expect this 80's trend to keep on truckin' through to the Fall.

Or if you want to try your hand at dyeing your own denim, then this is for hue.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Savage Style

The very name of Andrew Chipman's fashion blog, Pulling Teeth, may send shivers through your molars, but once you get past that you're in for a treat. No, not a lollipop, something even better. Expect a men's fashion blogger who's savage style is conveyed through DIY projects, thrift store finds and the occasional piece from one of his favorite designers, Jeremy Scott.

T-shirt: Jeremy Scott

DIY jump suit: original suit, Goodwill (for $8!)

Modifed Jacket w/ Hair sleeves: DIY

Modifed Jacket w/ Hair sleeves: DIY
Shirt: Le Chateau
Shorts: Thrift
Shoes: Demonia "Creepers"

Recently, the Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) native competed for the chance to be H&M's MMVA Blogger and although he did not win, it gave Chipman a chance to put into words his blog's mission and inspiration:
"Throughout the years my style and taste has evolved, but my mission for my blog has stayed the same; to give an original menswear point of view and to always be true to myself. I do so by showcasing personal outfit posts, step-by-step DIY projects, and featuring designers and companies I really love. Blogging has given me the opportunity to talk with people who I would never have the chance to meet otherwise. Through Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook I've been able to chat with other bloggers and designers that I really look up to. I think music, fashion, pop culture, and art all play a large role in who I am."
Shirt: thrift store, miu miu
Hat & Sunglasses: vintage
Shorts: thrift
Shoes: Demonia "Creepers"

DIY Studded Leather Portfolio: Goodwill

Jacket: DIY
Silk shirt: thrift

Check out Chipman's fashionable interview...of himself!

Chipman may be Canadian but he most certainly embodies the American motto adapted for all Shopping Savages: 'that fashion bloggers are endowed by their own creations with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of fashions that bring Happiness.'

Shorts & Flannel Shirt: Vintage

**Tobi is the official online boutique of Pull Teeth. Get 20% off when you use code: TEETH20**

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Spray or Not To Spray: Sunless Tanning

This past weekend while people watching I noticed that the fake-n-bakes were out in droves. Good to see because those people were probably faking their tan in lieu of exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Bad to see because some of the at-home culprits were SO noticeably amateur. Either they were too orange, too streaky or the application was uneven (i.e. the product was applied to their legs but not their feet despite sandal wear).

In an effort to save those of you into sunless tanning from the same problems the poor souls I saw seemed to suffer from, below are some products worth trying that have received excellent reviews, as well as a few tips for applying them.

LancĂ´me 'Flash Bronzer' Tinted Self-Tanning Body Gel is known for giving great color year-round. It’s been called a “beach vacation in a bottle” so why not look like you’re returning from a fabulous vacation everyday?

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel has ingredients that prevent premature signs of aging as well as gives skin a sun-kissed glow. Use year-round for a light, natural-looking tan.

Neutrogena Micro Mist Tanning Spray is easy to apply, has a great airbrushed effect and the best part? It dries in 5 minutes or less. Just spray, shower and be on your way!

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing lotion is heralded as one of the best sunless tanning products on the market. Luxury in a bottle, it gives one of the most authentic glows of all the best sunless tanning products tested.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee is the least expensive of all the products listed and almost never leaves a streaky finish. However, be warned: this product works best on those with fair skin for the most natural look.

Tips for application:

1. Don’t shave your legs for several hours before applying products, especially if you have sensitive skin.

2. Use a soft cotton washcloth to exfoliate your skin in the shower. Using anything harsher than that could leave a streaky finish or cause skin irritation.

3. Don’t waste your money on the expensive department store exfoliators. They don’t do more than the brands found in drugstores. Just look for a product with polyethylene as its active ingredient.

4. Wear a fitting, dark swimsuit when you apply. Wear the same thing each time you apply for the best (and most natural) look.

5. Wash your hands every 5 minutes for an even application.

6. Sensitive areas: The skin on your lips and nipples are virtually unaffected by tanning products so feel free to rub right over (it’s suggested in fact, to avoid build up on the surrounding areas). Your bikini area however, is very different. Don’t bother applying in this area as product doesn't absorb well.

7. Freckles and moles will darken like the rest of your skin. This is an unavoidable fact. Scars (stretch marks included!), however can be unpredictable. Newer scars have a tendency to absorb more.

8. Beware of the too dark belly button! After applying tanning product, dip a cotton swab in regular body lotion and wipe the belly button area. If the next day it is still too dark, dip another cotton swab in liquid eye makeup remover and wipe again.

9. Don’t kid yourself; even if your tanning product claims to contain sun screen, it isn’t enough. Apply tanning products at night and apply sunscreen liberally and daily.


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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Trial(s) of Galliano...

Last Wednesday fashion designer John Galliano had his first court appearance in Paris stemming from his indictment in mid-March of this year for spouting off racial slurs. He was caught on two separate occasions saying unsettling remarks, once in February of this year by a couple at a bar and the other by a woman late last December at the same bar in Paris, who recorded the incident. Shortly after his second outburst, the video from the first emerged, giving Dior cause to announce that they had suspended Galliano following his arrest over the anti-Semitic tirade. This all occurred just before Paris Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2011/2012.

So how did John Galliano get to this point you wonder?

Galliano was born to simple means in London where he faced discrimination for being gay. He went to Central Saint Martin’s art college and set up a studio after graduation. After a lot of partying and not being smart with his limited funds, he ended up on the streets of Paris waiting for his break. He received just that in 1993 from the editor of American Vogue, Anna Wintour, who propelled him into stardom over night. His runway looks are known to be outrageous and ostentatious, and celebrities flock to his designs for many red carpet appearances. He worked for Givenchy and has his own eponymous clothing line, but is best known for his work with fashion mega-house Dior where he’s been since 1996. According to The Telegraph, he's earned the company more than 600 million euros a year in sales.

Galliano claims that the stress and severe pressure of the fashion world caused him to go into a downward spiral. He told the court that "after every creative high, I would crash, and the alcohol helped me escape." He said he also began to pop an ever-rising number of sleeping pills and barbiturates -- so many that he completely lost track of his consumption. "I only just discovered in rehab what a lethal mix it was," said Galliano, who underwent a two-month-long treatment in Arizona after the incident. Asked by Business Week whether he'd managed to break the addictions, the designer responded, "Yes, I'm still in recovery but I'm feeling much better."

Looks from his Dior 2010 collection

Galliano has stuck by the claim that he does not remember saying anything racial in nature on both occasions by admitting to being addicted to alcohol and Valium. He is faced with charges of “public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity” which under French Government, he could receive up to six months in jail and up to $32,175 in fines. The prosecution is asking he just pay a fine of no less than $14,400 without jail time. Both parties that claimed to be the victim's of Galliano's verbal attack are sticking to their stories. In court, he had to face the racist rant captured on video:

"In the video, I see someone who needs help, who's vulnerable," Galliano said in a statement. "It's the shell of John Galliano. I see someone who's been pushed to the edge."

A verdict has to be reached by September 8th of this year.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

What is madras plaid? I've seen a few guys in shirts, blazers or shorts and was just curious. Is it similar to seersucker? It looks pretty cool and I'm thinking I want to start wearing it. Have any suggestions on how or what to wear it with?


Plaid Player


Dear P.P.,

Madras plaid is similar to seersucker in that its a lightweight cotton fabric worn in warmer weather seasons, primarily spring and summer. Its also similar to seersucker in that its favored in the south and by the preppy sect of society. But that preferential treatment and regional designation shouldn't deter you from wearing it. Madras doesn't speak to everyone's sartorial senses so if you think you can wear it, then by all means have at it.

Now, how to wear it. Since the patchwork pattern already has a lot going on, you'd want to look at pairing your madras pieces with solids to let the patchwork be the dizzying focal point of your outfit. If you opt to buy madras shorts or pants, any solid colored polo or oxford would do. The same rule applies for madras shirts: plan to wear solid pants or shorts. (Rarely can one pull off critter pants paired with madras but if you want to go completely p-p-p-p-Preppy then here's your chance.) A madras blazer could be worn with just about any outfit as long as the top and bottom in question are solid in coloring.

If you're looking for an easier transition into the unplanned plaid pattern, look for a necktie, bow tie, belt or even shoes made from madras that you can accessories an outfit with that would be considered plain without the plaid. Where the comparison with seersucker goes completely out the window is when someone wears a madras blazer and pant together. Wearing a "patchwork suit" is borderline reverse snobbery at its best, but there's only so much pattern the eyes can take in at once. And if you want to look like a well-groomed hobo then again, by all means have at it. Just don't be surprised if someone drops a quarter in your cup of coffee.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rock 'N' Roll Out for Fashion

From the dawning of rock 'n' rolls popularity in the late 1960s, music and fashion have been intermingling. During the summers, people are ready to let loose and sway to the rhythms of their favorite artists. Because of this, there are concerts and music festivals all over the world that bring an assortment of people, culture and fashions together. The problem is many of us want to stay trendy and cool during these hot and crowded concerts so the question is: what do you wear? Here is a look at some celebrities rocking the festival scene attire and where you can get similar looks.

Kate Bosworth is no stranger to the music scene and after being spotted at the Coachella Music Festival this summer, she definitely has an element of “hippie-chic” to her style. She tends to go for lightweight fabrics to stay cool and comfortable.

Here is a dress similar to the one she is wearing in the middle picture from Banana Republic.

Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson, Ian Somerhalder, and Nina Dobrev (t to r) also attended the Coachella Festival this summer. Although their looks are very different (Diane doing more of a resort look where as Nina is more sporty with a pair of sneakers), they are both wearing soft cotton black tank tops that look great with what they're wearing.

This tank top from Forever 21 is a great summer closet staple. The complete outfit on the model would be great to wear all day.

Vanessa Hudgens is definitely channeling the 70’s with this outfit. The sheer pants convey a relaxed yet stylish look.

A good alternative to those pants is a long printed skirt by Joie from Shop Bop. It's similar to the pant not only because of its print but also its overall relaxed aesthetic.

Joe Jonas was spotted at the Coachella Festival as well this year and this rocker look is perfect for any guy wanting to attend a music festival. Layering makes it easier for you to go from day to night with ease.

This jacket from Banana Republic is similar to the one above in that it can go from music festivals to a date night on the town.

Here is a list of accessories that festival goers should have to make the experience that much more enjoyable:

ONE by Collina Strada is a great bucket bag. It can carry a multitude of items and looks fit to be carried to a festival.

These Jeffrey Campbell boots will look great with shorts, skinny jeans, or a summer dress.

K. Jacques make these gladiators and their neutral color can be paired with just about any summer ensemble.

Converse Allstars have been around for decades and are still a great sneaker to have in your closet because of their comfort and cool appeal. These shoes can be great for guys and girls at a concert or just to own for their versatility.

With these suggestions you will be able to stay cool and comfortable in the summer months while listening to your favorite artists live.

Long live Peace, Love, Fashion & Rock 'n' Roll.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Savage Style

Pelayo Diaz Zapico may be considered "the Adonis" of fashion blogging, but don't let his good looks fool you. There's more than meets the eye to the Kate Loves Me blogger. One of the draws to his popular site for many a fashionista goes beyond his admirable physique, which becomes a beautiful backdrop to a fashion-forward personal style captured in candid photos. In addition, the fashion student documents his attendance to party invites on fashion's social scene as well as provides a first-hand account of some of London's best fashion shows around town.

Shirt: COS
Necklace: Mawi
Knitted Bowtie: Steve & Co.
Eyeglasses: Armani

Shirt: COS
V neck sweater (and polo around waist): Prada
Short/Kilt: Comme Des Garcons
Bag: Kiosk
Jewelry: Mawi
Shoes: Prada

Sunglasses: David Elfin
Blazer: Topman
Shorts and Belt: Pelayo Diaz
Shoes: Prada

Vest: Topman
Trousers: Pull & Bear
Sandals: Givenchy
Belt and Bag: David Elfin

As quoted from the book "Fashion Blogs" in June of 2010:

Why did you decide to start Katelovesme? "I needed to tell a story, my story. Not only in a visual way, though I write less nowadays. I like to receive and read comments and somehow learn from it, though it's often more laughing than learning. My main focus is to keep a little diary of my opinions, parties, and inspirations. I mix stuff I take seriously with stuff I couldn't care less about, confusing other people and sometimes even myself. A blog is an instrument to deal with others' opinions, without letting them influence you negatively. For me, every single one of us is amazing. No matter what someone else says."

Hat: La Favorita
Shirt: David Elfin for Yoox

Shirt: COS
Dungarees: vintage
Socks: Nike
Loafers: David Elfin
(dog in YSL scarf)

In Zapico's bag:

Canon camera; Kiehl's lip balm; moleskine diary; Staedtler pen; Nokia N8 phone; Blackberry curve; David Elfin leather wallets; Giorgio Armani sunglasses; Alexander Mcqueen skull key-ring; Oscar Wilde pocket book

In addition to this site, Zapico, or "Prince Pelayo" as he's affectionately known in the blogosphere, also created Seen at Kate Loves Me to offer up his gently used wears and recently, his own fashion line. But the question still remains: why name your blog after Kate Moss?

"I'm a huge Kate Moss fan, but it was too evident to use that in my blog title," said Pelayo in an interview. "It would be nice if somehow she loved me back."

Well if she doesn't many others do. And for everyone else, its only a matter of time.

Bag: Chanel
Sneakers: Converse

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