Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear Shopping Savage...

Dear Shopping Savage,

I am a 32-year old guy who has to wear a suit to work everyday. When I walk into my office building every morning all the guys - including myself - look like clones of one another. I want to stand out a bit more, but not by being over the top. Can you help?


Corporate Carbon Copy


Dear C.C.C.,

A suit may seem limiting at first but the cut, color and style are yours for the perfecting if you take the time to have it properly tailored. Most suits purchased off the rack are cut using standard patterns, which means it fits your frame but wasn't fitted for your frame. Take each suit you own to an expert tailor to have them take a look at the quality of the construction and what alterations they would suggest for the best fit. Short of buying bespoke suits, this is a great way to customize suiting you already own as well as have a professional second opinion when trying to decide on the next style suit to invest in.

Once you're properly suited for work, the next area of interest should be your shirt and tie combinations. A solid shirt and tie can read safe, so experiment with blending unexpected colors and patterns. Men's fashion magazines are a great resource for this. They are also great at highlighting additional men's professional accessories that you may want to incorporate into your look. For example, a pocket square would add polish to your suit jacket, just as cuff links would to your shirt. Even a bow tie and/or suspenders would break up the monotony of wearing a standard tie and belt.

Another suggestion would be to look at tweaking your appearance. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference a minor makeover can accomplish. Something as subtle as a new hairstyle or even a few extra sessions in the gym can make a noticeable difference.

Lastly, remember to uphold the basic fashion fundamentals: make sure that your belt and shoes coordinate, own more than black trouser socks and keep all of your clothing clean and crisp. Detailing is what separates the boys from the men; or in your case, the drones from the dandies.

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